12 Days of Chrissie Winners


Day #1
A huge congrats to the following winners, who have each scored one double pass to Openair Cinemas.

  • Jean Rutherford
  • Sam Clifton
  • Hanna Silver
  • Sandra Dickenson
  • Caroline Cox
  • Ben Matters
  • Angela Beales
  • Karina Merrix
  • Natalie E Korinfsky
  • Katrina Pruessner


Day #2
Congrats to Bridget Potts & Kylie Bourke, who have won a $50 iTunes voucher each. Thanks for playing!


Day #3
Danielle Wade and Anita Taylor are our two winners of a Fitbit Flex each.


Day #4
Today’s winners are Chrystel Galea and Neerav Bhatt. Congrats both & we hope you get lots of use out of your Broadsheet Cookbook.


Day #5
Thanks for playing Di Donato. You’re today’s lucky winner! Enjoy your burger voucher.


Day #6
A huge congrats to Robin Stewrad. We’ll be covering your GreenPower for 6 months!


Day #7 
Congratulations to Shayna Hanisch and Maria Coito-Correia who have won a portable phone charge each.


Day #8 
We’re excited for Tommy Keagan who has won a chauffeured experience in the Powershop Tesla.


Day #9
Congrats Dayna Dillon Chu and Lucia Saal. Enjoy the movies!


Day #10
Day number 10 and the winner is Eva van der Vlies, who made us all laugh with this cracker:

Q. What’s green and has wheels?

A. A frog. I lied about the wheels.


Day #11
Congrats to Andrew McCarthy for winning a MIFF membership! We hope you enjoy it!


Day #12
And our lucky last winner for our 12 days of Chrissie comp is….(drum roll)…..Alissa Mott!


Congrats to everyone who won a prize, and a huge thanks to all who played – we had a blast and we hope you did too.

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