8 ways to live like The New Joneses

The New Joneses wrapped up at the end of Feb, closing the doors to their award winning ‘off-grid’ home after a month of teaching us about zero-waste, reduced and ethical consumption, energy efficiency and electric vehicles.


In the interest of keeping these important lessons alive, here are the top tips we picked up while learning to live like The New Joneses:

  • Victorians throw $4 billion of edible food into landfill each year. This creates methane and wastes money, resources and the energy used to grow, process, package and transport our food. Shop to a list, buy only what you need and eat your leftovers!

  • Keep chemicals away from your skin, air, waterways and food supply with natural cleaning products that are good inside and out. Choose grey-water-safe, plant-based products that use recycled and recyclable packaging.

  • Shop local. About 50% of money spent with local independent shops goes back into our local economy, compared to less than 14% from chain stores. Shop local and support your local community.

  • You can stay cool and save if you don’t set your air con too low. Every degree of cooling below 23 degrees adds 10% to operational costs.

  • Run your dishwasher (full) every second day. You can save around $120 per year. That’s a pretty solid excuse for getting out of stacking the dishwasher everyday.

  • Need a new TV? Get an LED. An LED TV will save you around $270 per year in comparison to plasma. Two hundred and seventy bucks would get you a two year Netflix subscription. It’s a no brainer.

  • Running an extra fridge costs around $600 per year. Chuck your drinks in an esky when friends are around, because who wants to spend $600 a year for an extra fridge?

  • And if you’re looking for a better power company, look no further. Greenpeace ranks us Australia’s greenest power company (Greenpeace, 2015), we’re 100% carbon neutral – at no extra cost to you, and we’re consistently one of the cheapest retailers in VIC and NSW.

For further stories and info on simple, sustainable living, visit; http://www.greenlifestylemag.com.au/

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3 thoughts on “8 ways to live like The New Joneses

  1. Sean Sergio

    I got a couple more good ones for you:

    1) switch to a CFL bulb – they generally provide 10k hours of light and use 10.40 $. Replacing your regular light bulbs with CLF bulbs is one of the easiest ways to cut down on overall consumption.

    2) Service your AC
    Most people’s AC units aren’t running at peak capacity. In fact almost half of the home’s energy expenditure comes as a result of the AC unit. AC units placed in direct sunlight use about 10% more power. If your AC unit is more than 12 years old, switching to an Energy Star model can cut your power by 30%.

    3) Turn off your Power switch.
    One of the easiest hacks to save you money is to simply turn off your electronics switch. Most CPUs and TVs run in standby mode which still uses a surprising amount of power – kill the switch.

    4) Clean our your dryer filter
    The clogged linty screen in your dryer is increasing your power bill. Some estimates say up to 30%. Clean it out

    Just a couple I thought off of the top of my head. 🙂

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