We have made some changes to the Shop and Powershop app

You’ve probably noticed we’ve made some changes to the way our Shop and app looks and works.

We’ve made these changes in response of customer feedback, but we know this will be disappointing for customers who loved the way we used to do things. This blog post explains why we’re making these changes, and how we’ll continue to make changes to ensure we look after all our customers.

The way we used to do things

Before the change, you bought your power in units.

A unit was an ‘all-in-one’ price that included the cost of 1 kWh of energy and a proportion of the fixed daily supply charge. When Powershop first started, we thought this model would be easier for customers to understand, as it is a single ‘unit’ cost rather than a bunch of confusing line items on a bill.


In reality, we found that most customers didn’t understand what a unit was, and because of this, it made it hard to compare our prices to other retailers. Because the unit contained both the variable energy cost and the fixed daily cost in one number, the unit price changed if your usage increased or decreased. Consequently, a lot of our customers thought our prices were changing when they weren’t (our prices generally change once a year).

We understand that some people love the unit system, but we made a call based on what the majority of people find easier to understand, and we hope you’ll give the new system a try.

The changes we have made

There is still a kWh usage cost and a fixed daily charge, but we no longer combine these into a unit price. Now when you go shopping for power, you buy a pack of power (we call it a Powerpack – funny that). A Powerpack will have a discount built in (depending on which one you’re buying) and at the end of the month, that pack value will be deducted from your bill.


If you don’t buy the Online Saver at least once a month you get charged ‘Your Rates’. Your Rates represent your guaranteed discount (which will vary depending on where you live – you can find Your Rate in your online account here. If you’re using the app, Your Rates can be found in the menu under ‘Rates’.


To get the best discount you need to log in once a month and buy enough of the Online Saver to cover your account in full.


From time to time you can purchase Special Packs and Future Packs that give you an extra discount. If you’ve already purchased the Online Saver and then buy a Special or Future Pack, don’t worry, we’ll use the cheapest product for that billing period first.


When you’re shopping for power, you’ll see that we show you an approximate dollar per day amount for each Powerpack. This is an estimate, to give you an idea of how much that pack will cost you in energy per day. It’s a bit like filling up your petrol tank and then your car gives you an estimate of how long the fuel tank will last in kilometres (if you have a new car with a fancy display).


We hope you like the new design of the Shop and app. We are going to continue to work on the App and the Shop to help you understand what your power is costing and how much power you are using.

5 thoughts on “We have made some changes to the Shop and Powershop app

  1. james

    in the old app you were able to see usage per the day in kwh if you clicked on the donut-that has now disappeared.

    Can you return it please?

    1. Powershop Post author

      Hi James, clicking on the donut didn’t give you your usage earlier as well. You can see how much you’ve used by clicking on Daily Usage. Cheers, Adi

  2. geraldine bagwell

    read this; still prefer previous pricing method ! 1kwh cost me so much; at first I found that difficult after moving from AGL, where one never thought about fixed charges, only the usage. having adjusted to you, I liked it; now I’m confused all over again. sorry, but I liked it before.

    1. Powershop Post author

      Hi Geraldine, thanks for the feedback. I can see that Sandra had a chat with you regarding the new system. Let us know if you’ve any queries.

  3. Carlotta

    Great post! I am still supporting for previous price method. 1kwh price American state thus much; initially I found that tough when moving from AGL, wherever one newer considered mounted charges, solely the usage. Having adjusted to you, I likable it; currently I’m confused, everywhere once more. Sorry, however, I likable it before.


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