An open letter in support of marriage equality

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We sometimes get a bit of flack at Powershop when we comment on anything remotely political – after all, we’re just an electricity company right? Not quite. At Powershop, we’ve always advocated for safety in the workplace – and that goes beyond the physical safety of our colleagues at the wind farms and in our head office.

In 2016, we added our support to the already long list of Australian companies in support of marriage equality because as a company, we’re committed to safety, fairness and equality in everything we do.

We support the right for all our team members and our customers (and everyone else) to have equal opportunities. We wholeheartedly and unreservedly support marriage equality.

Read the letter below or see the full letter here.

An open letter from all the team at Powershop Australia in support of marriage equality

We, Powershop Australia – part of the Meridian Energy Australia group – write to express our support for Marriage Equality.

Here at Powershop, we’ve always advocated for a strong commitment to safety in the workplace. In this context, safety in the workplace means allowing individuals to express their identity freely, and without fear of prejudice. Our workplace encourages a diverse culture where the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex individuals are equal to all our team members.
Around the world, over twenty countries have passed laws to allow same sex marriage, including countries that are culturally similar to ours like New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada, and Great Britain. These countries did so with lower support for marriage equality than Australia is seeing right now.

Not only is there growing support by Australians for marriage equality, but it’s shown in study after study that socially diverse groups are smarter and more creative, better able to innovate and problem solve, and are harder working.

We know that diversity is good for our society. In our workplace, our diverse backgrounds bring together information and expertise that allow us to work creatively, with an innovative perspective, to solve complex problems and overcome challenges.

In light of this, the Powershop team would like to add its support to the already massive list of Australian companies in support of marriage equality. Marriage equality will help support freedom of diversity in our country, which will help us work towards a society that allows equality and fairness for everyone.

As a company, Powershop has consistently shown a commitment to fairness and equality in the way we conduct our business. Our unwavering policy towards pricing fairness is a reflection of such commitments. Just as we’re committed to this, we are committed to creating a workplace where our team members are free to communicate and interact in a respectful and safe environment.
We support the right for all our team members to have equal opportunities in life as well as at work.

We whole heartedly and unreservedly support marriage equality.

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