Our top tips for living like The New Joneses: Open 9-27 Feb


From 9-27 Feb, we’ll be hanging at Melbourne’s City Square with The New Joneses to help spread the word about sustainable living.

Their award winning ‘off-grid’ home will be open for inspection for three weeks, so you can take a look at what it’s like to live like The New Joneses – with zero-waste, reduced and ethical consumption, energy-efficiency, electric vehicles and chemical free. You’ll see it’s all not as difficult as it sounds!

We’ll be hosting a Powershop Power Hour every weekday throughout the event. Our experts will be onsite to help de-mystify your power bill and chat about what actions you can take to help the environment and create a cleaner future.

If you’d like to live like The New Joneses (or you can’t make it down to City Square), here are a couple of super easy tips to get you started:

Love food, hate waste

Victorian’s throw $4 billion of edible food into landfill each year. This creates methane and wastes money, resources and the energy used to grow, process, package and transport our food. Shop to a list, buy only what you need and eat your leftovers!

Chemical detox

Keep chemicals away from your skin, air, waterways and food supply with natural cleaning products that are good inside and out. Choose grey-water-safe, plant-based products that use recycled and recyclable packaging.

Shop local

About 50% of money spent with local independent shops goes back into our local economy, compared to less than 14% from chain stores. Shop local and support your local community.

Better energy

And if you’re looking for a better power company, look no further. Greenpeace ranks us Australia’s greenest power company (Greenpeace, 2015), we’re 100% carbon neutral – at no extra cost to you, and we’re consistently one of the cheapest retailers in VIC and NSW.

You can find out more about our support of The New Joneses and switch here.


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