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Every year, electricity retailers (that’s us) get stung with price rises from the distributors (poles and wires) for various system upgrades (widely called Gold-Plating by the media) and other things that you never really see or generally know about. It’s all done in the name of reliability (i.e. less blackouts).

In response to this, we have to reassess our pricing every year.  This year we’ve done our best to mitigate the impact of any resulting increases, by introducing our new increased 30% Online Saver discount (previously 23%) in the shop.  We have introduced this bigger discount to help keep costs even further in check.

To see our new prices for 2015, head to www.powershop.com.au/ppis/ and check out the Standard Saver PPIS for your network area.

It’s good to know how electricity is generated and delivered to your property:


This is a breakdown of where the money goes:



Unlike most retailers, Powershop doesn’t penalise you for having solar energy.  We offer our solar customers the same rates and 30% discount on both energy and supply charges.  Powershop’s feed in rates from 1 January 2015 will be 6.4c/kWh, which is 3.2% above what the Government has determined as the reasonable feed in rate for 2015, which has been reduced from the 2014 rate of 8c/kWh to reflect many things, including the removal of the Carbon Tax.

PFIT and TFIT customers will get this 6.4c/kWh on top of their minimum feed in amounts of 60c and 25c respectively.

100% Carbon Neutral = 100% AWESOME for the environment

Powershop is firmly committed to doing more for the environment than any other retailer in Australia through:

 100% Carbon Neutral power – at no extra cost to you
 Backed by 100% renewable energy generator, Meridian Energy
 Firmly committed to protecting the Renewable Energy Target (RET)
 GreenPower accredited (our wind farms and our GreenPower products)
• Greenest electricity retailer in Australia (Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide 2014) – and now 2015

Powershop decided to become the first (and only) power company in Australia to become 100% Carbon Neutral at no extra cost to our customers. This means that all of your electricity emissions are 100% carbon offset.

We are also humbled that Greenpeace voted Powershop the greenest retailer in Australia in 2014.

Want to save even more?

Firstly download the mobile app so you never miss a special again. It makes buying our little packs with huge discounts (even more than 30%) so simple it’s child’s play. It also helps you budget as you can simply pay however much you want, when you want, and never get bill shock again.

Powershop makes getting free power simple. With our automated Friend Get Friend system all you need to do is use the mobile app (under menu, switch your mates) or login to your account and enter a friend or family member’s email address. If they make the switch you both receive a $75 account credit. In most cases just one or two of these credits more than covers any price rises. Too easy.


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