Pricing, Contracts & Powershop

non-discriminate-pricingThere’s plenty of noise at the moment around electricity retailers “gouging customers,” helping themselves to huge profit margins and hawking contracts that lock you in and then rip you off later.

‘Where does Powershop fit into this?’ some of our customers have asked…

First of all, Powershop doesn’t have lock-in contracts. We don’t believe in them. Why should we lock you into something that you may not like? We need to prove to you every day that our low prices, discounts and customer service are worth you sticking with us. Lock-in contracts should be a thing of the past.

Another element to contracts is the idea of a “honeymoon” offer. That is, once your contract is over, you go onto some awful rates that punish you for not hunting around for a better deal. This, we don’t do. Every single one of our customers, no matter if they joined on Day One or today, is on the same discount rates applicable to their State. You can literally sit back and know you’re on our best deal, because…there isn’t any other deal.

Retailer margins. Yes, we make a profit from the power we supply or else we wouldn’t be able to be in business. The difference is, we believe this profit is ploughed into initiatives that help you, and the planet. Our smartphone app and online electricity usage tools are where we spend a heap of our time working to give you visibility and control over your electricity. Our parent company owns and operates wind farms, meaning supporting Powershop results in money being put back into Australian renewable investment and management. Your money is not being invested in fossil fuels.

So what of it? Yes, you should hunt around for a great electricity deal. No, we’re not perfect for everyone. But our DNA is to be fair and to be transparent. Check out our Facebook reviews, ask your friends, call and quiz us with questions.

Electricity should be simple and easy and that’s what we’re aiming for.

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